As Your Elected Legislator

 I will diligently listen to you and your concerns, working hard to fix what you feel should be changed. 

As a business owner and homeowner


  • I will work to create a fair system for the cost of energy and heating, also create a transparency to the process of providing energy and heat to our residents.      
  • As a family man, I would be remiss if not to be fighting to ensure and create laws that are in place to protect all Alaskans from outside and criminal entities.
  • I will work with small businesses to ensure their development and stop the weaponizing of our legislative process which puts a halt to their expansion into the economy and tax base.     

My Highest Priority

I feel it should be everyone’s, is keeping the State Operating Budget under control and cutting where it is needed, as well as to streamline the budget’s bottom line and stop runaway spending. I will not support any new tax bills that are put forth during this economic recession.


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